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What is the 5 Day Connection Challenge?

Researchers from Harvard conducted an 85 year long study and found that the #1 factor for happiness is the strength of relationships.

In this 100% free 5 day challenge that you can do with your friends, you'll get one email a day to help strengthen key relationships & improve your happiness for 2023.

Raffle Entry Guidelines

- 1 entry per signup

- 3 entries for completion


Our goal is to increase communication between the people you love. You'll receive 1 email per day with fun ways to re-spark connections in your life. With this free challenge you'll see a postitive shift in your relationships in just 5 days. P.S. The challenge is even better with friends!

This challenge is the essence of what we're doing at TapeDeck - get people talking in the most fun and genuine way.

Challenge Preview

Here's a teaser of the challenge - don't forget to invite your friends!

Day 1

Share a joke with someone, start with some humor! You'll find out that this challenge is pretty lighthearted.

Day 2

Send someone a song or podcast - who doesn't love getting a new song?

Day 3

Join the challenge to gain access!

Join the challenge for inside tips, case studies, and the remainder of the challenge!

Digital art exhibit

1,000,000 minutes. Together.

We want to make a big impact in the world, not a little splash. We owe it to ourselves to create something for the betterment of the world. If we hit 1,000,000 minutes achieved in the challenge, we'll be releasing some big news.

Want to join our beta?

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We're currently designing our app called TapeDeck.

TapeDeck is the worlds first audio-only communication tool that encourages real, authentic, and genuine connection with the people you love.
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Why start the 5 Day Connection Challenge?

Sometimes we need a push

We all have people in our lives we care about, and who care about us. Sometimes we just need that nudge in the right direction.

As communication innovators, we wanted to provide a 100% free resource that allows people to improve their communication in a fun, easy, and quick challenge.

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